Our Story

Family tradition meets elegance and love for wine!

We are who we are. For us, Marie's is family. It also embodies elegance, beauty, and grace within three generations of our family. Therefore, we bring this sentiment in presenting a unique take on a traditional wine bar that offers our guests an opportunity to get away in the magical world of Marie’s. Located in The Containery of downtown Waco, Marie’s is that upscale destination where you can relax and unwind as well as kick-off your night of fun and entertainment. Let our in-house sommelier team impress you as well as serve you with our wines, champagne, and beer from around the world. Come be a part of a different kind of vibe and have fun at Marie’s!

Sourced from a sustainable winery in the heart of Provence, France, this delectable blend is the answer to your “Rosé all day” fantasies. Cheers to looking at the world through glasses of Rosé.
Crisp, clean and dry with fruit-forward notes of pear and apple. This can of delicious goodness hails from Veneto, Italy, the true birth place of Prosecco. It’s frothy, and fruity — perfect for completing your Aperol Spritz or simply sipping and savoring.
Tropical citrus and grapefruit notes with a balanced minerality. From the best wine growing region in Chile, our crisp “Sauvy B” is areal porch pounder. With a bright nose, and a burst of citrus, this wine is great with oysters oceanside – or sipping discreetly on thetrain

Party On

Want wine on the go? At Marie's, we offer an exclusive wine delivery service. This is reserved for those who want to enjoy the luxury of wine without leaving their home.